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Get ready for an extraordinary excursion!

Departing from Gouvia marina, on this excursion you will have the opportunity to explore Corfu,  Syvota  and Parga all in one.

Our captain will take you to the most beautiful beaches and places . On your way to Syvota you will be able to see the coastline of Corfu. 

The small port village of Sivota is situated on the northwest coastline of mainland Epirus,  39 kilometres away from the city of Parga and opposite the south tip of Corfu island, the tip of Asprokavos, separated by a narrow channel of 4 nautical miles. Surrounding Sivota are four small Islands, which you pass as you enter the bay.

As most of the coastline of mainland Greece, the green vegetation of Sivota tries to reach the Ionian Sea, which is often separated by small sandy strips. In Sivota, there are several amazing small beaches like Zeri, Galikos Ormos, Bello Vrako, Zavia and the exotic bay of “Pishina”, where a part of the famous film “Blue Lagoon” was filmed.

Sivota’s coast has become famous worldwide for windsurfers as you can windsurf all year round there.

To end this beautiful trip we take you to Syvota, a village on the mainland, with small white sand beaches and tiny gulfs.

8 hours trip


map of the area
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