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Othonoi- Erikousa

Othonoi island is most famous for the cave located near the Aspros Ammos beach. This cave is believed to have been the one where Calypso kept Ulysses as her captive. The cave measures to about 100 meters in length and is at least 20 meters high.

The island is not very big and is not highly populated, having still not been drawn into the tourism grind and it has managed to retain its traditional charm.

One of the most virgin islands of the Ionian Sea, Erikousa, stands 8 nautical miles northwest of Corfu surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, endless golden and steep cliffy beaches. Its only few settlements allow you to discover the history of the island and meet the friendly locals who are very excited welcoming you and helping you with your little adventurous trip.

The island’s pathways enclosed by olive and cypress trees, let you explore its nature along with the sweet smell of heather.


8 hours cruise

Othonoi- Erikousa aerial
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